Did subtasks disappear from the list view recently?

This feature: You can now see and action subtasks directly from your Project task list! - #26 by Adrienne_McCue

We relied on this for merging with an updated template, so that at least later subtasks in a task would be renewed. It seems missing now. Only tasks are shown in the list view and cannot be expanded.

The reason this is insufficient is that expanding subtasks before meant that I could multiselect to do bulk operations on subtasks. This doesn’t seem possible from the sidebar—you can multiselect, but I’m not sure why, because there’s no UI to do bulk operations. (If you right-click on the left-hand grippers on a subtask after multiselecting, it cancels your multiselection.)

Never mind. I had changed the default view to sort. I’m not sure why sorting tasks precludes expanding subtasks and doing bulk ops, but, there you have it. :heavy_check_mark:

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This is indeed expected behaviour and I am sure there is an existing thread about it. Thanks for coming back to share you found the solution.