Can no longer view embedded subtasks within List view

Was the feature to see subtasks in List view removed? There used to be a little arrow on the left-hand side of the main task to be able to expand and see subtasks, I recently realized this feature appears to be gone. Now when I hover there is only the dots icon to drag and move the task around, no arrow.

How to see substasks in List view? And any way to make main tasks always expanded to show subtasks?

Screenshot attached.

Hi @abr, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Can you please confirm how you are sorting your project? You should only be able to see this expanding arrow when sorting by None.

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

Hi! Even w/ sorting set to None I’m not seeing an arrow next to tasks that allows their subtasks to drop down in the main My Tasks list view. Was this feature removed? If so, any chance it can come back…?

Hi there @Daniel_Golly ,

Unfortunately I’m pretty sure this feature is not available in my tasks. Only in projects can you access the arrow to expand the subtask list. (I don’t THINK this is a change, but I’ve only been using Asana since January and I haven’t noticed it previously being available in my tasks.)
In the desktop or browser version My tasks will still at least show the icon that tells how many subtasks there are in the parent task, but still no expansion arrow. (The icon isn’t even available in the mobile apps.)
There are a few more forum threads about the limitations of my tasks among others. You can upvote them and we hope they will be improved soon. (This one below is on-topic.)

Anyway, hope this at least sheds some light on what your experiencing.

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