Did Asana quietly improve rule branching?

I was just building a complex rule and noticed that I could have many more that 5 branches, whereas previously (within the last 3 months), this was limited to 5. See this post for that feedback request:

This feedback request is still open, so I wasn’t sure if maybe Asana quietly improved this functionality? If so, should that thread be resolved (cc: @Marie)? I love it and it’s going to streamline a bunch of my rules that are currently split into many versions to support different conditions. Has anyone found a hard limit in branches yet?

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thanks for sharing. informative

Hi @Stephen_Li,

Yes, but hasn’t been publicly announced yet. (Was posted in the Ambassadors forum :slight_smile: )


It’s partially out @Stephen_Li, I’ll post an update in the public forum tomorrow. In the meantime, you can check out the private Ambassador announcement here :slight_smile: