Increase the number of rule branches from 5 to 10

Having to split up branches to handle what happens when something is moved into a certain section is not optimal.

It’s even more efficient in processing, since if you need to split it up in multiple rules, there are mutiple rules being triggered for one action.

So why limit?

I’d suggest to at least increase the amount of branches allowed from 5 to 10

As a bonus, branches could be populated with an option/button to add a branch for all available sections or all field values.


I THINK I have the same (or similar) request - I want items that are in a single section to be sorted out based on a custom field. If I want mulitiple of the custom fields items to be sorted to the same assignee, do I have to create a new branch for each? What I really need is AND/OR rather than just AND/AND or OR/OR.:

I believe my image is saying that all those items need to be true for the rule to run but that’s not actually possible.

Is there a better way to do this? I thought that branching rules would solve all my woes, but alas, not.

Yes, you will, since as you note there is not what you really need which is an AND/OR capability. So you’ll have to do:

If Section is To do AND Type of Request is set to Quote Request Then…
Otherwise If Section is To do AND Type of Request is set to Order Request Then…
Otherwise If…

As you mentioned, the rule as you have it shown will never fire since Type of Request can never be set to all of those values at the same time!

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