More Branches than 5 in Forms

I would love to see the ability to have more than 5 nested branches - Even when seperating the form as much as possible I still need more than 5 - perhaps 10!!

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You are going to nest 10 levels??? The 5 limit is about nesting, not the number of brother/sister branches.
I’d love to understand your use case.

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Yeah I am aware it is the nesting branches - i’ve edited my post to reflect this.
It’s actually for a client’s use case that they want house in a form in a very specific way. It is essentially a lot of yes/no branches for requests of certain types. I have offered separating it out into forms depending on the type of request but it is not what they want. I have come across another client that wants this functionality so i thought i’d add to the forum

Oh ok the yes/no makes sense, thanks.