Is there a way to uncap the max number of questions?

I have reached the max number of questions in a form but it is far from being finished.
Is there a way to overcome this limit?

Hi @Romain_Duthoit and welcome to the forum,

I didn’t think there was a published limit to form questions, but I guess there is a maximum. If you’ve hit it, there’s not a way to exceed that. How many questions do you have in your form?

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That must be quite a form, I once did one with 120 questions and didn’t hit the limit. However there is a limit to the number of branches (5, from memory)

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Yes it’s a big form because it needs to work for many scenarios (in general the user ends up filling around 15 questions). I find it frustrating to have this limit as I don’t see the technical blocker to increase it.

@Romain_Duthoit How many questions do you have?

There is no question count, I just can’t add more of them.

And you don’t have any specific error? Maybe there is a max per branch :thinking:


I’m not sure if this will work, but now that projects are able to have more than 1 form maybe your first branch would redirect them to a new form?

I sometimes create forms, and use the multi-select title & description to redirect people elsewhere (I do not create any options for them to select).

It will look like this when you create it:

And then like this for the end user:

There will still be a submit button, but it has worked for me in the past.


I realize that; it’s probably a bit of a pain but I was hoping you could count them up. It would be helpful for us to know what the limit is that you hit, both in terms of counseling others here and also possibly discussing it with Asana.


That’s a terrific hack to use the multi-select for text! (And there have been other Forum requests for text-only fields that this would resolve as well.)

A minor suggestion would be wording like this to possibly make it even more clear:


@Phil_Seeman, I created a mammoth, branching form for a client for ordering office supplies and I recall the maximum fields was over 100, maybe around 120 or so, but this is from memory.



Thanks, @lpb! That is a good & helpful suggestion, I will definitely be making that change!

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Oh my, you cracked it! The hack we have been looking for!

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I just wrote up Christine’s hack more formally as a Forum Leader Tip: