Custom Fields: increase max number of drop-down options?

We are trying out the new Forms feature, and I noticed that the max number of drop-down options we can have is 50. We would need to add more than 100 items, so are there plans to bump up the max number up for those who need it?

There a some limitations like 50 entries in a custom field and I would not count on them to change if I were you. This is all related to performance. I’ll let Asana give an officiel answer though :grin:

Hi @Arlene_Agcongay :wave:t3:

@Bastien_Siebman is correct we currently have some restrictions in place (you can learn more about them in; and the reason for these limitations is to avoid performances issues. With that said, we’re constantly working toward reducing these limitations, so these might be increase or lifted in the future, but I’m afraid there is no workaround for this at the moment!

Hope this helps :slight_smile: Let us know if you have any follow-up questions!


The workaround is to have two dropdowns, so for example if you list cities, you can have “Choose a city (from A to G)” “Choose a city (from H to Z)” :sweat_smile:


Absolutely this is important. If Asana wants to bring people in and have them upgrade to Business, then they have to increase the maximum for these fields. I know for a fact, I need at least 210. I have broken them up into 2 fields, but that’s just a poor way to do it. Right now, we are using Formstack, and considering going to Asana Business, but limitations like this will keep us from moving.

Also, how come the forms get 100 entries, but custom fields only get 50? Seems like if you can do 100 in these dropdowns, do it for all of them. Then again, I would rather have the 50 limit on the custom field parameters, and have the form dropdowns be unlimited or at least be 250++.


I’ve been using a custom field drop down as a client picker and I just discovered that there is a limit as it’s not letting me add any more. This is disappointing because now i can no longer use this field to designate client and i have not included the client name in the Task name since i started using Asana.

Please increase (greatly) the limit on the custom field dropdown.


Welcome to the Forum @MichaelHill :wave: and thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us!

We already have a thread in the Forum requesting this, so Iv’e gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread to consolidate feedback and votes. I hope you don’t mind.

Absolutely ridiculous that this has a limit, it’s almost a scam to get premium and start using Asana and then a few weeks later you run into this issue. It’s 2019 and you are worried about performance issues on a drop-down list of options? At least increase it to UNLIMITED for PREMIUM users!


Same issue with client custom field. If the limit is not going to be increased then at least manage better how Clients are managed (so a task can be assigned to a customer) .
Free text doesn’t work well because every person can write an slightly different name for the client , which would be problematic for reporting.

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Having similar issues – is there any update in regards to increasing drop down fields to more than 50 entries?

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I’m having the same issue. Frustrating as we happen to have 52 clients and the limitation on the dropdown means I can’t move forward with an upgrade from Business to Premium.
We have plans to fully integrate with our bespoke system so splitting the fields or making it a free text is not an option.
Its a deal breaker. Has there been any decision on this?

Hi Natalie, what other forum thread are you referring to here? Has there been any movement on this request?

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Apologies for the confusion @Amy_Ord. This is actually the thread I was referring to! I have already merged Michael’s post with this one! :grinning:

I don’t have an update to share regarding this topic but I’ll make sure to keep you posted here as soon as I do!

Hi there, I’m a business plan user and using the dropdown custom field as my “Client Organisation”. And as an agency, i have more than 60. It’s disappointing as i’m not sure how i can make use of the custom field now. I would greatly appreciate if there are ways to increase this limit.

@Asana as the others said: please improve!!! It’s really important and a must-have feature to NOT have a limit. Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Any update on this? As like others, I’m using a drop down for a client list, but we’ve reached the max - a text field would be a semi-solution but allows for user error inputting names so not ideal!

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I understand that there is currently no plan for Asana to increase this limit.
In the end I replaced the custom field with a custom project for each client.
So instead of picking from a dropdown, you enter the unique project name.
The downside of this is that you can’t group a list by a project so you lose this useful feature of the custom field (its because of the 1:many scenario where a task can belong to many projects so what does it sort by!?)
You can drilldown into a client’s project list by opening their own project though.
We then upgraded our plan to the business account and make use of portfolios that include all the client projects and allow us to view on a group level. This is a nice to have though.

Any Update? Same issue here.

I’m currently hacking a custom field to indicate other team members that are contributors to a task or forecasted but not resourced to task, I have over 100 people in my team, which means I have to create separate custom fields.

Another option is a person Custom field like Notion or Airtable.

I am currently demoing other systems and will likely move off of Asana because of this limitation. It is a shame that they are not willing to increase the limit to at least 150. I really like Asana and have been using it for a few years, but this has become a deal breaker for me because it is restricting from being able to organize and run my team in the most efficient manner.