Increase the limit to least 101 or more items to Custom Fields

In order to make Asana a more useful dashboard with color-filled representations of project completion, I made a Custom Single-select Field for “% Complete” with a manual color-coding system. However, there is a limit of 100 option items in this list, and I need 101 to depict both 0% and 100% complete. I’m almost there - almost 99% of the way! (see pic)

Of course, an even more useful feature would be to add the ability to assign colors anywhere in your custom fields: In both the Text and Number fields, as well as in the (hopefully coming soon and much needed!) Date field. That way I wouldn’t have to add all 101 custom options for % Complete.

Thanks in advance for your help here!

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @rich9! We increased the limit from 50 to 100 recently so hopefully we can increase it to more than 100 in the future!

Please increase the limit of dropdown entries significantly. i am using it for a list of customers and I alreasy need 2 dropdowns because we have almost 200 customers. I almost need a third one. Which is ridulous… So please increase the limit. Thanks!!

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We are working on a major transition and each account being moved is a task. We would like to tag each task with the appropriate “Household”, so each household can be sorted together and searched together regardless of account number. But we have 1200 tasks on the project and 900 households. And tags can’t be sorted alphabetically which limits us there.

I’m not sure whether you literally want more than 100 fields (i.e. columns of data) or more than 100 possible values for a tag. Could you be a bit more clear as to either

  1. Your overall goal?

  2. What exactly you’d like to be able to do in Asana?

That said, Asana does not scale well. It seem to assume nobody will ever have more than small quantities, say 10 projects, each with 50-100 tasks, 10-20 users etc. the tools for managing larger quantities of entities simply aren’t there.

I would contrast JIRA, which can handle organization with 1000s of project and 100,000 employees and millions of tasks. It has all the search, sort, filter, report, archive etc. etc. capabilities one needs to keep such a big pile of data in order.

Hey @Sid_Ramirez welcome to the Asana Community Forum.
I recommend upvoting on this existing post: Increase the limit to least 101 or more items to Custom Fields :slight_smile:

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Good point - more than 100 possible values for a tag!!

  1. We have a task for each account that needs moved, with the list of subtasks to track the paperwork, docusign, and final processing of each account. We would like husbands and wives to group together, and when you have multiple households with the same last name, tags make it easy to keep the account individual in the task name field, but tag with a household name, then sort by that.

OK understood. Based on comments above, it seems that it is not currently possible.

Dear Asana,

I know that you have increased the maximum number of custom fields drop-down option from 50 to 100 (based on customer feedback) in March 2021, but it is not enough.

At least in our business case we need this to be increased significantly - for instance data on our Clients is shared across multiple projects and we need to have Client name in drop-down format to expedite entry and usage.
The current limit of 100 options is waaay to limiting to us.

Please, can you increase this ASAP?

Hi @Sasa_Bart, thanks for providing this feedback!

While this feature isn’t available right now, hopefully it’s something our Product team can implement in the future.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone

I’m excited to announce we’ve increased the number of dropdown options you can add to your Custom Fields from 100 to 200. This update is available to all Premium, Business, and Enterprise customers.

If you have any questions, please reach out via the #tips category. We’ll be happy to help!