Increase the Rule Actions Limit - 5

Why are rule actions limited to 5 when triggers can be 20???

Not logical previously, but even less so now when you can Slack as well as other integrations. As shown in the attached image I cannot add collaborators due to this limit.

I can easily see:

  1. Moving to a section
  2. Updating a field (progress to not started)
  3. Assigning
  4. Due date
  5. Adding collaborators
    6: Slacking a channel
  6. Adding a comment
  7. Adding to another project

Form Request
[Project: Client’s Project]
Client fills out form for a new dev request (vs defect or design) with a high priority.
Form goes from Inbox (furthest top/left section/column) (default Asana functionality)
Rule moves to Development section
Rule add to Developers Sprint project under backlog
Rule Assigns to Dev
Rule sets due date 5 days
Rule Adds PM as collaborator
Rule Slack Sprint Channel
Rule Add comment @Dev this is a priority, please schedule for next sprint

Thanks for creating this thread, @Getz_Pro! I’ve slightly updated the title to make it more discoverable to other customers. This is currently a product limitation and hopefully a limit we can increase in the future. I’ll keep you posted if we have plans to implement this in the future!

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