Desktop Notifications



Please add Desktop Notifications, they are definitely missing.


Hi there. Not only for chrome but also for the rest of the browsers.


Asana, when???

I think that you support Slack((((

But Sluck is really ugly and integration to Slack you made is very poor. More - I already HATE SLACK with that integration (nevermind that current integretion is better than first release). Please add notifications and unreaded counter to tasks AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!! Please, answer!


If you have problems with developers (it is the only reason) - I can give you a couple.


Maybe you have no enough money to implement this feature - tell us, please, I think that we can collect the necessary sum of mney for you. Kickstarter?))


This is a huge problem that is not being addressed, and it’s upsetting.

The current notification system is insufficient. Emails and in-app notifications both render useless in most business environments and I’ll explain why (Not that it hasn’t been mentioned 50 times above)

  1. Emails notifications clutter inboxes, resulting in no one reading them. Even worse, most of us have created filters to make these emails skip the inbox altogether. Emails are for communications not for being blasted constantly about changes and updates happening in a project management app.

  2. In-app notifications only work if the users are active on the site. If your not the project manager, you should not be expected to visit the website on an hourly basis to check what is new. I don’t think I should have to explain this further.

Now, why there aren’t browser notifications built in is beyond my comprehension, as it’s standard practice across many platforms. Even more troubling, there are no notifications that show on your phone with the app installed and active, why?

Please address this problem, we need solutions rather than excuses.

Converting project type from List to Board or Board to List?

I could’nt agree more, two huge problems for me, this and the completed tasks still visible on the Android app…


How come even the Asana forum has the possibility to turn on desktop notifications while Asana itself doesnt :roll_eyes:


Yes: what Patrizia_Dona said!!!


@Marie - Do you have any feedback on this popular request? Thanks.


It’s incredible that this has not been added yet. Is there a response from Asana about this?