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This feature is not working at all for me either. Followed the steps. getting nothing. If I put a time deadline, should I get a notification on that time? I expect so but I am not getting anything.

Hi @claudiaocteau1 and welcome to the Forum! Sorry to hear about that; let’s see if we can find a solution. Just to be sure, you’re referring to browser notification right?

To help us exclude some possibilities, could you please confirm the information below:

  1. Have you followed these steps to enable browser notifications? Open Thread: Introducing browser notifications!

  2. Can you confirm you’ve followed the steps in this post to enable browsers notifications? Open Thread: Introducing browser notifications!

  3. Can you also check you don’t have your Do Not Disturb enabled?

  4. And last, can you confirm that you don’t have the Inbox snooze hack enable?

Looking forward to your reply!

Hello, I have been having major issues with Asana in the notifications department.
I followed the above steps on how to get the notifications to my desktop, however nothing has worked and the Asana team has done a poor job of helping me out… Is there anyone in this thread that could assist me? ANY help would be IMMENSELY appreciated!!!

The issue is that all of your notifications require another program to be open. People do not remember to open such programs at the start of the day. We need an app for windows that runs in the background and can be saved to the Taskbar. What happened to the “My Asana App” for windows?

Hi folks! Closing out this thread as we recently launched Desktop browser notifications :tada:

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