Desktop Notifications



Hm, it’ll be a very useful feature, why it has not been done so far? :slight_smile:


I fully agree, If you check the trello Chrome notification its fa away better tha asana notification. Im using mail notification, but then my mail box is spammed


Adding another vote. One of our ongoing implementation struggles is not having desktop notifications. We’ve gotten about everyone to keep Asana open all day, but it’s frustrating to have to keep checking for the orange dot!


Hi Asana team, I am SO jumping onto this suggestion. If Asana is here to help us reduce our email flood, desktop notifications is the best way to do it at the office.


YES!!! Another company voting yes on this! (and would LOVE sound and visual non-email notifications associated with task due dates/times as well). Would love if Asana were at least closely integrated with something like What’s App, which has great features (like the ability to mark a message as a favorite, multiple threads, great notifications, mobile and desktop apps) and used around the world. The integration with Slack doesn’t work closely enough to be effective; is just more clutter at this point. Agreed with the rest of this conversation… the notification piece is a make it or break it necessity for a PM tool!!


I too agree. Asana should have desktop notifications to alert us if there is something important. And also, these messages should be listed inside a notification center in Asana dashboard. Asana already has a similar feature called Inbox. But again, it’s confusing. It should list simple messages like this -

User XYZ commented on your task #123-API v2.

And upon clicking that message, we should go to the task page, focussing the comment.

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    Yes please


+1 on adding chrome desktop notifications. This would be awesome!


Yes please, employees are missing things.


+1 it would be awesome


Hi @Daniel_Fisher and @Oleg_Chepkin to click on the “Vote” button at the top of this thread (Desktop Notifications) to officially add your vote for this feature request. :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any questions!


+1 right now employees at my firm are missing important notifications


I am shocked that there is no Desktop notifications. This is 100% needed for Asana. We are trying to switch our company over but it’s almost impossible to use all the features such as conversations if the team is not getting notified on their desktops.


Need Desktop Notifications STAT.


Ironically, I just received a notification from Chrome to allow desktop notifications for the community page of Asana. Now if we can get that for the Inbox in Asana itself… world domination!


Same here, come on Asana Team, it’s time already!


Need notifications!


+1 on adding chrome desktop notifications. I’ve used asana for a few months now and my contractors/team members are not getting to comments/changes quickly. Does anyone know if there is a workaround to push comment notifications to slack?


There is a new Asana/Slack integration that is pretty good. I am not sure if premium slack is required or not though. I use it and I like it You can update, and do some management of tasks right from asana. But I still want a native notifier for asana.


+1 - Desktop Notifications feels like a must and is something we really miss from using Trello.