Deploy task copy to multiple projects without linking tasks


  • We have a portfolio of 23 projects.
  • There are certain recurring project management tasks that I’d like each project owner to complete and I’d like to set up tasks within each project for these. T
  • This use case is different from wanting to multi-home a task across multiple projects as I don’t want the tasks to remain linked (i.e. don’t want completion status, comments, etc. to flow across projects)-- What I want is to create a standardized task and then quickly deploy it out to multiple projects.

I believe my options here are one of the following:

  1. Duplicate taskCreate task in one of the projects. Then, duplicate the task 22 times and move a single copy to each project. Not difficult but not a very efficient use of time.
  2. Create master taskCreate a master, parent task. Then, create a sub-task for each project and assign the sub-task to the project owner. Another option is to use the multi-home feature but request project owners to not check off parent completion; only sub-task completion. Benefit is time savings and that I could monitor sub-task completion and mark the parent task complete when all sub-tasks are complete. Downside is that these wouldn’t show up as a task in each project- they would only show up in the project owner’s “My tasks” (unless I used the multi-home approach which risks folks easily forgetting and marking the parent task complete
  3. Import taskCreate the task in a CSV. Then, individually import the task to each project. As w/ #1 this ensures standardization of the task but is tedious

I think what I’m looking for is an admin console type space where I could quickly deploy a task to multiple projects without the tasks remaining linked to each other.

Is there a way to do this? Any tips or tricks?


In addition to the options you listed…

If you’re on the Business or Enterprise plan, you could do this easily with a rule.

If not, you could automate with,, or

A modification of your master task: You can use Assign duplicates on a subtask of the master task to get all the assignees set automatically (but not the multi-homing, though you keep one task around and duplicate it, pre-multi-homed). See my example at:

Hope that helps,


Thanks @lpb!

We are on a business plan- but it looks like I would need to set up a rule for every project in the portfolio, right? (e.g. could use the “Task added to this project → Add to another project” but I’d still have to make 23 versions of the rule).

I’ll take a look at the example you linked and see if that will work.

You’re welcome, @Whitney_B!

I think you could do this with a separate project that just houses five rules (unfortunately you need 23 actions and there’s a limit of five actions per rule so you need five rules).

The triggers could be whatever you find easiest, a single-select custom field with five option values (trigger: changed), or five sections (trigger: Moved to section ).

The actions would be Create new task (not Add to another project which is multi-homing which you said you didn’t want).

The first rule would trigger the first five actions (use the + sign to add multiple actions to the rule). Action 1 would home the created task to project 1 of 23. Action 2 to project 2 of 23. Etc.

I haven’t tried this but believe it would work.



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