Added Task to Multiple Projects, but Mark Complete in one project marks Complete in All?

We have used the Tab +P option to add a task to multiple projects which saves a lot of work as we have 20 projects to copy tasks into. However, each project will complete these tasks in different timeframes. But when Marking the task complete in any project, it is marked Complete in All.

Is this the wrong way to approach this? All the other task data is the same we just need them allocated to a lot of projects with NO project interdependencies.

Hi @Kim_Davies and welcome to the forum!

If you add the task to another project, you’re adding the same task to both projects - it’s the same object, just being viewed in two places. Any changes you make to that task/object in one place (i.e. project), including marking it complete, will be reflected in both places.

If you need for the task to have different completion dates in different projects, then you need different tasks/objects in each project. Probably the easiest way to do that is to use the Duplicate Task option.

Each duplicate you make will start off the with same info as the original task. But note that because they will then be separate independent tasks/objects, from that point on, any changes you make in one will not be reflected in other duplicates.

Does this make sense?



Maybe one parent task multi-homed to 20 projects and it contains 20 subtasks, one per project, and mark those complete, not the parent?

Or one parent task in only one project, and the 20 subtasks are each homed to a different project; then only those will appear in each project and no confusion about what each project should mark complete?

Hope that helps,