Dependencies with date



I don’t know if this is allready a feature, but i have now been able to find it. I would like that when i create a template, i can set all the task with dependencies so that i only have to enter the date on the last one, then the rest will automatically get a date for the task.
E.g. I want to install a machine on the 21/8 but 10 days before i want to ship machine and 10 days before that i want to start construction. This is a procedure i often do, so i have set up a template for it with a lot more task than i mentioned there. Now i have to enter the data for all the task whenever i make a new project from the template.
But i would like the function so i just enter the date i want to install, then dependencies makes it so that all the other date are automatically filled out.
Is this something that will be an option?


Check the Relative Due Dates


Hi @Mads_Skott,

I’m working on a solution that does that. We should have a working prototype in about 6-8 weeks.

How urgent do you need this?


Hello @Millor_Machado,
It is not a feature that i need urgently but is something i would like to see implemented. When it is implemented i would start using it right away to properly set up the templates i have.


That’s great @Mads_Skott! I’ll let you know when I have the beta version.


Are you able to let me know when you have this Beta version? This is exactly what we need. We had just planned to have our tasks laid out on a timeline and select all the tasks and drop and drag them to the new date, but I just found out Asana only lets you select up to 50 tasks at a time.


I estimate it will be available by the end of October.