Project template with day specific dependencies

Please help! I am building a project template for our team, we build courses with each task being dependent on completing the one before it, and there is a set number of business days between each task. How do I set the project timeline up so that when I use the template for a new course and set the first task start date, the rest of the task dates populate according to how many days after the previous task the are programmed for, and so on for the rest of the project.

And for the next layer of -please help!- will this ensure that if we are delayed on any task in a course that used this template, and we have to change the date of a task, that the rest of the following tasks will change accordingly as well since they are dependent on a set number of days after the dependent task is completed. So on and so forth.

Is this possible?

@Giuliana_Conti , welcome to the forum :wave:

For the first part, I think it’s best you have a look at this article in the guide:

For the second layer, have a look at creating dependencies in this article:

I recommend creating dependencies using the timeline view which is visually more rich than creating dependencies within a task’s details pain. Unfortunately, there is no Timeline view in the Project Template editor. So, if you have already built your template, then I suggest you create a project from it, then setup the dependencies using the Timeline view and then save the project as a new template and delete the initial one.

Unfortunately there is only so much that I can elaborate on within a forum post but if you need any further assistance, I am available for consulting and training services, just like all the other Partners in the forum with an orange badge. Feel free to DM me if you’d like to dig deeper.

Thank you so much for your response! This all mostly helps.

What I am missing is a way to make each task–which is dependent on completion of the task before it–operate on a set number of business days before the next task. When we apply the template in a new project it will be irrelevant for us when the project started because we tend to need flexibility during a random task along the project lifespan where an external partner doesn’t return the product on time and now the whole rest of the project needs to move back accordingly but keep the same turnaround time for each task.

How could this work for us? We operate heavily on the number of days between tasks and this will effect most of our projects.

Thank you!

Following up on this to see if I can answer my follow up question. Thank you!

Hi @Giuliana_Conti , again this is a bit too complex to diagnose and elaborate within a forum post. :person_shrugging:

However, you may want to look at ‘Dependency management options’ here which may also help you - this will lock the duration of your tasks and push them out accordingly when one task will take longer than expected.

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