Timeline in Custom Template


I signed up for premium for the custom templates. I run similar 8 week projects 5 or 6 times a year. The dates which the tasks need to take place happen on the same time frame within the 8 weeks for each project. ie week 2 mailer, week 3 - submit inventory etc etc.

Is there anyway to set a start or end date for the project so the dates automatically fill in to the correct day within each 8 week project.


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Hi @Matt_Ryan - There isn’t a way to set a start or end date for projects and have all of the tasks’ due dates autofill at this time.

I’d recommend setting all of your templates’ due dates with the appropriate spacing between tasks and then shift all of the due dates at once to maintain spacing when you copy the template for a new project - How to complete task fields | Product guide • Asana (shift multiple due dates in list if you scroll a bit)


Hi Shannon,

I’m also interested in being able to duplicate a project and then just shift the dates. Is the workaround you’re describing something that I can do in the free version of Asana?


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+1 to this request


And one more :slight_smile:


+1 more to this request


I agree it would be VERY beneficial if we could set up timelines AHEAD of time inside a template. Maybe we could choose the start date for the timeline when creating the new project or it would use the creation date as the start date and put the first task on that day?

Either way it would then increment the tasks based on their positioning in the template.

Example 1:
Template has a task on March 1st, 2 taks on March 3rd and 5 tasks on March 6th
Then we create a new project using that template on April 11th.
This would create the task from March 1st on April 11th, the 2 from March 3rd on April 13th and the 5 from March 6th on April 16th.

Example 2: When we create on April 11th it asks us when to start the timeline first task and we choose April 20th, so task 1 on 04/20, 2 tasks on 04/22, and 5 tasks on 04/25

I realize we can just highlight all tasks and drag/drop but this gets to be unwieldy with a LARGE timeline. And yes there is a way to highlight all tasks and increment the date. But why? This is really an issue with templates in general but now it’s spilling over to timelines. It takes extra time to do this and the more steps it takes to set up a project the less likely it will get done properly.


I don’t understand why the ability to set relative dates either from the start or end date of a project has not been incorporated into asana. I have been waiting for 3-4 years. There is a tool that has been developed to do this – google chrome extension - asana importer tool but i would much rather have it built into the system. Can you give us a projected date as to when it will be available.?


This feature would be such a time saver. Asana can we please have this feature added?


I echo everyone else’s comments on this thread. This feature is essential for the templates & timeline to provide real value.

I would like to see this feature added too.

+1 for this!

I would like this too

Following… This would be so huge!

I’ve developed a solution which provides this exact functionality; for info please see this forum thread: New workflow automation solution is available.

I would love to see this feature. It would save so much time

+1 this idea!! Does anyone know if it’s in the works?

I would love this feature to. I do have projects were there is a certain “waiting” time between tasks. And I do not want to set these waiting times manually for every time I use one of my templates.

Could you please let me know when this becomes available?

I also need this feature. Has anyone found a work-around?

Hi @Shannon_McNeil has there been any progress on this? My organization creates timelines for drafting grant proposals frequently and this sort of feature is sorely needed! Are there any solutions/features included in a premium subscription beyond purchasing add-ons like Flowsana?