About the rules feature in Asana

Can I set a basic timeline for all my projects ? For instance, I want a task to be complete within 6 months and then a follow up task is to be completed in the next three months and so on. And the same is true for all my other projects. So is there a way where I can just set the initial date for the beginning of my project and it automatically sets all the other dates in the timeline for all of my other projects. Because I have to manually fill in all these dates and it gets very impractical for me as i am working on a ton of projects which follow the same basic timeline.

You would need to create a template, apply some “example” dates, also choose dates for the template itself, and then you can use the template and choose a new start date to have tasks being shifted automatically.

Hi @Rujuta_Phadke, adding to what @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, you can learn more about templates in this article:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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