Dependencies blocked by?

In the Dependencies field inside a task I’m seeing “blocked by” with a small hour glass. I have not seen this before? What does it mean?

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It is a new feature being rolled out. It means your task is depending on another task that is not complete.


Also, it’s currently only a test that Asana is running to determine if they will want to keep it permanently, so if you don’t see it, don’t panic - you’re in the random 50% who isn’t part of the test.


Thanks for the information - but it would really be helpful for Asana to provide at least a heads up or some kind of notification of this kind of change. While I like the concept, it needs some work to be effective.

  1. If the task is blocked, it should not be possible to actually mark the task complete, but it is.
  2. If the blocking task has been marked as complete, it shouldn’t really say “blocked by” but it does. A better option might be to do something like:
    If the underlying task is incomplete: “Blocked by [Dependent Task]” and disable “Mark Complete”
    If the underlying task is complete: “Dependent on [Dependent Task]” and enable “Mark Complete”
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Thanks for the great feedback @Jeff_Bantz. I’ve highlighted your comments and shared directly with the team.

As @Phil_Seeman and @Bastien_Siebman stated, this is a change that Asana is currently testing. Your domain just so happens to be included in the test. :+1:

Since you are seeing the change within your environment, I agree it might make sense to better highlight such. Otherwise, it might be difficult to know whether what you are witnessing is due to a public rollout or test. I’ll share this with the team as well. Thanks!

Another question…The drop down option to “Blocked By” is “Blocking” with a minus sign next to it. When you hover over the drop down it prompts “change direction of the dependency” It isn’t clear which direction you are changing it or when you would use that. Is there any official information on this new feature. Since I am one of the “lucky” 50%, it would be nice to be given information on how to use it. Right now it really confusing my team.

Also, is there a way to opt out of the beta testing?