Delete old ASSIGNEE names from drop down menus


I have deleted ASSIGNEE names from my projects and cancelled their invitations.

But their ASSIGNEE names continue to appear in the drop down menus.

How to do delete them from the drop down menus?

Thank you.


Hi @djgoncalves. The names that appear in the assignee drop down list are automatically added based on recency and people who are associated with the task or project. If there is someone remaining in your org, but you don’t assign tasks to them anymore, they’ll drop off eventually. Alternatively, if you completely remove them from the org they will no longer appear on the list.

Note that if a deprovisioned member still shows up in the typeahead when a current Member is assigning tasks, you’ll need to invite them back to a Team for the sole purpose of deprovisioning them.

It’s possible that you removed someone from a Team (in a free Organization), but did not remove them from the Organization. If this is the case, the user will continue to show up in the typeahead. Hope this helps!

Deleted 2 emails but they still keep on showing in under "followers tab" or assigning a task

Deprovisioning was the issue. Added them back & then re-deleted. Problem solved. Thanks very much!


I have a free organization and don’t see how I can remove someone from the overall organization. Within organization settings, I just have a general tab but can’t see any additional place a user can be removed.


Hi @Lucas_Summer! As it stands, in order to remove a member from your Organisation, you and the member you’re looking to remove, must belong at least to one Team in common. So if this person is not yet member of one of your Team, you must first invite them into a Team you belong to. This can be done following the 3 steps listed below:

  1. Access any team’s Settings from the sidebar:
  2. Navigate to the Members tab
  3. Invite this person you want to remove:

Once you’re sure the members you’re looking to remove are member of one of your Team, simply follow the 4 steps below:

  1. Head over to your Team Member’s list and use your mouse to hover over their name
  2. Click Remove
  3. Then, click Remove Access
  4. Finally, click Deprovision

Note that it is 3 clicks: Remove > Remove Access > Deprovision

The second click removes the person from the team, and the third click fully removes them from your Organization. For a visual demonstration, you can also refer to the GIF in this article:

Hope this helps!


This does not resolve the issue. I also have the free account. I need to remove people from the list to avoid errors in assignment for people no longer working with me.


@Jeri_Birkes Is it possible that you have removed these members from a Team but not from the entire Organization? Have you followed the three “Remove > Remove Access > Deprovision” steps?


I still can’t get the names of old team members to delete from the list–help!


Hi @Caroline_Dutton and sorry for the mate follow-up! Could you please reach out to our support team ( > “I’m having trouble with” > Let’s chat) so they can take a closer look into this for you?