Default layout saves open lists of sub-tasks

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I’m sorry, but this is a ridiculous response. Why have the feature if using it is a “bad” habit. Nearly every other tool that has nesting capabilities gives you the option of expanding the view by default.

The inability to show subtasks in an expanded view really negates the effectiveness of this feature.


Always keep subtasks shown

Hello @Eric_Brownlee,

can you please elaborate? What exactly do you mean by keeping subtasks shown? Is it in a special view or do you refer to having them displayed in list view by default? If the last one is the case then here is an existing feedback request.

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+1 vote. It’s really important feature. Using subtask without possibility of showing them on the list is useless. This is very frustrating.

This is useless to you. :slight_smile:

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Yes, for me and our poit of view. The need is mostly subjective.

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Does anyone know if this new update allows the user to do this (namely, save view with subtasks visible)?

Sorry, @B_Dorsey, the new update doesn’t offer that.


:sob: :sob: :sob:

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can we get this “view all subtasks” as default view added? looks like its 3 years since this post and the function hasn’t been added?


Hello! Following up on this feature request, is this in the pipeline?

Asana doesn’t share its roadmap, sorry.

What about now?? Does the new Gantt View allow you to save a view with subtasks visible?

Looks like it does, just tested

You’re right, I just got the update! Works great.

Although, having the option to save view with subtasks open in List view is still much needed!


Please add this feature to list view

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