Default layout saves open lists of sub-tasks

Can I add +2 for this feature? to make the progress faster

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This would definitely be useful on our team! Several people in our organization are looking for a way to keep all subtasks open without manually opening each set.

Hi! I’m a little discouraged that this request hasn’t been resolved after so long. It’s clear that the option to save a view with subtasks expanded would be a incredibly helpful. I’m working to get better adoption of Asana across my organization and this is a real pain-point. This functionality, or having the ability to create sub-sections is a real need for us. Please implement this!


We don’t have an official answer, but my own personal opinion: this is not considered broken. There is nothing to fix. There are simply users wishing it would exist. The Product team could argue that for most users it would be confusing/intimidating to walk into a project and have tasks opened and subtasks displayed.

I am not arguing the need is real, I just want to emphasise that a perfectly good use case can turn into something discouraging/intimidating for others, hurting the adoption…

Hurt adoption? What? For years people have been asking for this functionality as an OPTION - not a default or requirement.


Of course they could offer everything has an option but it would inevitably make the tool more complex to use, code, update, teach… again, I am not challenging the need, I was challenging the wording « this is broken » and « they have to fix it because everybody is asking »

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New Asana user here. I’m shocked to see this feature still needs to be added. It looks like it has been YEARS since someone first requested it. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth that no one at asana has even bothered to respond. Why hasn’t anyone at asana responded to this? Yikes.

“The Product team could argue that for most users it would be confusing/intimidating to walk into a project and have tasks opened and subtasks displayed.”

Which is why this is not something to set as a default. It’s something they need to add to the preferences as an option so people with a large project including subtasks can turn it on. I love Asana, but this one baffles me, and increasingly so as I have to unfold every task with subs on it each time I open it. New team members ask me about this every time I train… “You have to do that every time you open it?” “Um, yeah. Sorry.”


why is this basic functionality still not implemented after years?

@Jason_Barmer adding “options” for things is usually not the path Asana is going for. It makes the tool harder to code, test, adopt, learn. But I understand the frustration, this thread is pretty revealing :sweat_smile:

I agree this is probably technically not hard. That means the product team either had other priorities OR doesn’t consider this to be a good idea. I agree with the second part. Subtasks have a ton of limitations, and making it easier to use them will only make it worse… (this is personal, I don’t mean to start the debate again :sweat_smile: )

I wish I had seen this thread before I nested subtasks under tasks on multiple projects. Ack, this is terrible! How could this have been missed when they coded this app. Unbelievable. :exploding_head:

I think Asana should also try to rate these things on difficulty of implementation. I don’t see any reason why we still aren’t able to have subtask lists default to expanded when we enter a project. This should be a simple layout setting for each project.




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Is this item on any roadmap to implement this feature?

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Asana doesn’t communicate on the roadmap, sorry.


We don’t need the roadmap, just listen to the customers and make this not so big ask an option for view. How many times do I need to put a special comment in a task to the team that says (don’t forget to unfold the subtasks!). It really is basic functionality.

To clarify, I don’t work for Asana.

Any added option to the tool make it more complex to use, adopt, test and evolve. Asana has been very strict about allowing options.

What you point out is one of the main reason why subtasks is not usually the good idea it seems to be: work is hidden. There are other ways to uncover that work, by promoting those subtasks into tasks, use search, use dashboards…

Not what you want to hear, I know.

The disappointment here for me is the lack of consideration for the end user (us). Here we have a forum that is crying out for some functionality but the ‘Product Team’ argues flippantly that most users would find it confusing. Where is the evidence to support that? Have they done any customer research on this exact request to suggest it is not suitable? If the platform is tailored around efficiency and planning then why is it not taking on requests to improve that? It is painful having to open the sub-tasks every time.

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That’s not true.

The Asana product team has not participated in this thread at all. You’re referring, I believe, to a volunteer’s speculation earlier in this thread about how the product team might feel.

The product team follows this process:



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