Showing tasks in expanded view by default

Is there a way for tasks to always display in expanded view? (Ie showing assignee, description, etc)? It seems like I have to click into a task to see those details, but hoping there is a way to default to that view.

Do you have the new list view layout? Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View!

If you do, you can choose to display a couple of fields in the list. The description is not part of them however.
If you don’t, just wait a bit and you will :+1:

Sounds great, but I still don’t have access to it. Hopefully will soon - it looks great!

Hi Asana,

Any news on being able to set “expanded” view as a default layout? I have the new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View but that still doesn’t seem to be a feature unless I’m just not looking properly?

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