Showing tasks in expanded view by default

Is there a way for tasks to always display in expanded view? (Ie showing assignee, description, etc)? It seems like I have to click into a task to see those details, but hoping there is a way to default to that view.

Do you have the new list view layout? Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View!

If you do, you can choose to display a couple of fields in the list. The description is not part of them however.
If you don’t, just wait a bit and you will :+1:

Sounds great, but I still don’t have access to it. Hopefully will soon - it looks great!

Hi Asana,

Any news on being able to set “expanded” view as a default layout? I have the new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View but that still doesn’t seem to be a feature unless I’m just not looking properly?


Hello. How can you make adding new task in List or Board view to show all task details on the right? Currently seem to have to enter a subject then click on details to show the rest of the tasks elements folks should be using? Is there a way to automate this vs copying tasks from a template which seems rather silly when you have all the fields there by default in new task…