Show Details Pane by Default

Whenever I click anything in the left navigation pane (favorites/tags, other users in my team, project names, etc), the main task pane in the middle expands to hide the details pane on the right.

I navigate using the left pane quite often, so the details pane on the right is constantly auto-hiding.
In order to show the details pane again, I need to click on a task. Since I ALWAYS use the details pane when working in tasks, this is alot of extra click and panel re-sizing.

Is there a way to always show the detail pane by default, so it does not auto-hide?



Hi @asana - Could you please have the Details Pane be shown by default (option), as @Dean_Halpern explained?



I have the same question.


Particularly with the new list view this would save me a lot of time having to open and close the Details Pane, having an option to pin it or have it always open would be great.

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Is there any progress in this feature?

Did this feature ever get added? It seems like being able to ‘pin’ the details pane open on the list view would be pretty straightforward.

+1 - need a pin option.

Asana - Please give us the option to keep the details pane open at all times. Thank you.


need this too!

I’m adding my voice to this request. It’s very annoying for the details pane to close automatically. I rely on dragging tasks into subtasks and constantly battle the destination task’s detail pane closing on me while attempting to select the tasks to drag into it.

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I want the details panel always open. I do not want to have to re-open it by clicking for it, again and again.


Hi everybody! :wave:
Seems like this is an old topic and a lot has changed in Asana since…

Currently, in the List, Board & Timeline views, you can open the ‘Task Details’ panel of a task and then when you select another task, the task details panel remains open between those clicks. The task details panel only closes once you click out of it, hit ESC key or click on it’s collapse arrow along the top right. So it seems like this has been fixed since the initial post.

Additionally, you can use the keyboard shortcut [Tab]+[Enter] to open the Task Details panel of a selected task.

For a full list of current keyboard shortcuts, press [Ctrl]+[/] (Windows) or [Cmd]+[/] (macOS) or check out this article: Keyboard shortcuts in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

I think this is not really an old topic.
I think showing / hiding the detail panel bothers a lot of people :slight_smile: Me too :slight_smile:
It is also often more comfortable to not have so much white space in the List view, to have an asignee field closer to the task name field.
And - Asana had that feature a couple of years before…


This is an old topic but NO, the functionality of this missing feature has not changed. Please read my original post. The details pane still closes when anything in the left-side nav pane is clicked. I’d like an option for it to stay open.

However, I have discovered that clicking anywhere in the empty space to the right of a task opens the detail pane, which is faster than my old method, which was to hunt down the little > “expand” button located on the far right side of that empty space.