Dashboard Sharing Options (Share link for external users to view regardless of Asana membership)


When creating custom reporting dashboards it would be beneficial to allow a share link for external users outside of Asana to view similar to the form builder.

We currently have a very large project of migrating 10million + documents into a shared team drive. This externally public dashboard reporting would be very useful for our clients to understand where we are at in the process without needing an Asana log in.

Currently, I do not see the option outside of inviting individuals to view the report.

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Hello @Roxanne_Dockter,

yes correct if the people are outside the organization then shareable links only show board, list, timeline and calendar views at the moment.

Have a look here this might be a good workaround: Share a board with a non Asana user - #8 by Sami_Linnanvuo, Screenful: Introducing shareable links, easily share a dashboard with anyone!

For the custom reporting section I was hoping to have a sharable link for users to view without sharing an entire project with them. I attached a video of the location of reporting dashboards I am hoping to have a sharable link for external users eventually as a feature.

Reporting Dashboard Video Example

The current Project Link Sharing feature is needlessly closing off the most useful views to non-members. We need to share project status through Dash and Overview, and if we can’t do that, then we will be forced to get off Asana.

Visibility to non-members is a must! Please get this done, Asana.


To add to the above…
The 4 views that sharing currently exposes provides such limited data, that I am guessing there is very little use or value in sharing these views. If I share the:

  • List view - I can’t see any subtasks or custom attributes/columns
  • Board view - much of the same issue as in list view. I see none of the custom priorities and attributes. The cards look hollow when much of the data is missing, so why would I want to see this.
  • Timeline - shows only the Sections titles for the project. You can’t open them to see tasks. You can zoom in or out! Very limited.
  • Calendar - much of the same story here.

Hi @Arthur_Sierzputowski , yes the shared views are limited. You can check out a more detailed breakdown in section 10 of my post: List of technical and data limitations in Asana

For sharing timelines, have you tried Instagantt which I mentioned here: Construction Projects - #77 by Richard_Sather

Is there a way to hide certain fields when sharing a link?

For example, I would like to share a project with a client. There are some custom fields that we would not like the client to see, but we still would like to be able to see them on our end.

Does Asana provide any settings that allow you to control this?


Hi @Chris_Foti , welcome to the forum :wave:

If you create a public link and then paste the link into your browser, you should see that the resulting view hides all custom fields and only shows assignee and due dates. This is what your client will see, so best to try it out to make sure this is the desired result.

Sounds like it might be just what you need!

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Is there a way to share a dashboard report that is in the new Insights section? It looks like I can only share to individual Asana users and not a whole team.

Hello! Are you able to select certain custom fields that will show to an external link user? I see that is shows date and assignee, but I would like for it to show our status custom field.