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That promise to be one hell of a development challenge. What if someone removed a task that changed, do you add it again? What if someone was fine with the original task name and you change it in the template? What if you remove a task in the template, don’t you think people would get angry to have tasks disappearing? I am not sure miroring the template is a good idea. Warning any template user on the other hand why not…

What do you think?

I have created a custom project template and now I am using this template with a few projects. If I want to update something in the template itself, how do I get it to update the projects that are using that template?


You don’t, that is not possible. I thought about it and this is hard to wrap your head around the concept because you might not always want to have the changes propagate. This is a tough one, my guess is that Asana will probably never go this way…

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My team has created a project template that we copy for each new project that follows the same exact steps (we have MANY projects that follow the same steps). Over time, the template changes, so we have to go into each individual project and manually update, which takes a lot of time and creates a lot of issues since our teams have so many contributors. We might have anywhere from 10-30 projects open at one time, and they each contain several dozen tasks. Outdated projects has become a real problem.

Would it be possible (if this already exists, please smack me) to be able to push project updates from one project (used as a template) to another (live)? The way I see it working is this:
When a template’s task’s description is changed (or subtasks are added, etc.), the UI gives an option to push changes to other projects (which I can select from).
When I push, the live project is changed to include the updates.
I’d have the option to view each affected task’s description pre-change, just like I can do now.



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I too wish this were a possibility. While I understand the complexity of this type of functionality, it would save an immense amount of time for me and my team. We have over 100 projects separated into different teams that all follow a set of 6 complex templates. It’s extremely time consuming that once we make a change in our process (which happens frequently) that I have to spend weeks manually updating each project.

Here’s some suggestions for possible workarounds that I see people mentioning as to why this would be near impossible:

  • Have overwrite settings in the template. i.e: Set which fields/attributes are to be overwritten/replaced for tasks with existing info
  • Have a note in the that any existing information or tasks in the existing projects will not be removed

Basically check if fields or attributes exist. If they don’t, add them; if they do, overwrite or skip them based on selected preferences. Again, I understand this functionality is more complex than it sounds, but it would literally chop days of work off my plate every month. I’m sure it would for many others as well, this is a feature that doesn’t exist in many PM tools and would be a HUGE differentiator as far as I can tell.

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I know this has not been talked about for a year, but here’s a spin. We have existing projects for customers and they would like now do a new website. Is there a way to take a template and the associated tasks and have them appear in an existing project? I’d prefer to not open a new project, and keep all of the tasks under the same client project - if possible.

Thank you!

Hi @Eric_Cook, the quickest way to achieve this would be to create a new (temporary) Project from your template and multi-home all tasks from this new project in your existing one. Once added to your new project, you can remove these tasks from the new (temporary) Project you created and delete this project. I know this is not ideal, but I believe it is the best and quickest way to achieve what you’re looking for at the moment!


I don’t underestimate that this is a difficult thing to implement. I know it’s something I already need like the others. If it’s any help, I know this is something that I could do with checklists. It would be great if it could be done with templates and projects too.

+1 for this features as well. We use Process Street ( for this one feature. When we’re doing a new process, we don’t always know what all the tasks should be until we go through it 5 or 10 times. Updating existing cards gets very tedious and error prone. Process Street has a good UI for when you make changes to the template, they ask if you want to update active cards based on that template. If Asana had this type UI, it would be amazing. Its so close already.

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+1 from me as well. I came here looking for this exact feature, only to learn it doesn’t exist.

Usually it take a few passes to complete the build-out of a project template. When tasks come up to add to the template, would be great to have a quick way to copy any new tasks added to a template project to all the projects that have been created from that template – that way, if you’ve got a template and 2-3 live projects derived from that template, you don’t have to duplicate the task 2-3 times in order to capture it in all iterations of the project.

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Hi @Tyler_Burr, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! We already have a thread related to this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Push project template updates to existing projects to centralize feedback. Don’t forget to upvote!

I would imagine the best course of action is to do what Clickup did when they added this feature; they made it optional to turn on or off.

The philosophy being that each individual organization can decide how they want to handle this process (including the potential problems you brought up) as they see fit.

That being said, Clickup has task templates as well, so that mitigates a majority of the problems associated with pushing updates from a project template across a whole project.

Hopefully Asana will add this sort of feature in the next couple of years.

It would be incredibly useful to have Task templates as well as Project templates. My team has endless tasks within our projects which all have the same few subtasks, and being able to automate this process instead of creating them manually over and over again would save us a lot of time!


It would be incredibly useful to have Task templates as well as Project templates. My team has endless tasks within our projects which all have the same few subtasks, and being able to automate this process instead of creating them manually over and over again would save us a lot of time!