Custom Task Templates

Thanks for the mention, @IvanStaykov! Yes, Flowsana comes with a free 30-day trial (no credit card entry needed to try it).

Just to add to the above - if you use Flowsana or something like that you will be able to solve a number of Asana shortcomings, not just this one. Generally people like @Phil_Seeman, @Bastien_Siebman and others try to provide solutions to gaps, and with one solution you will be able to fill in many gaps.

For sure we need to be very vocal to Asana, but you need to also be realistic that Asana is in a completely different business cycle - they are focused solely on market share > new users. So they will be very active in the next two years in launching new features and views, which are not with much functionality. Only once the rate of new customer acquisition diminishes, they will focus on adding functionality to features. E
ven the My Tasks revamp, which was announced to developers is again nice, but off target - they are not adding rules to it, basically it is just a normal project - it is great, but nothing new, nothing groundbreaking, like you would expect.

So they are launching things with the minimum needed to work and not investing more into it at the moment, as they want to become a place where you can manage more things first and a place where you can manage it easily second. It is classic in the project management area, drives me crazy, but the only way to become really big. Also now that they are public they will have a huge pressure for revenue growth which comes from new customers or upgrades. New customers see only the features, they cannot see the small details that make those features useless, not until they sign up. However if you manage many things in Asana (projects, tasks, goals, CRM, pipeline, etc.) they are increasing heavily the price of leaving.

So small tools and workarounds will become central to the system (like Salesforce, etc.) and this is the future unfortunately. Gone is the nice tool we all started with years ago and is becoming an ecosystem with a lot of gaps, but if you look at the world it is the way things are.

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@IvanStaykov very well put :+1:

Yes! That would be awesomeee!
Very useful feature.