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Hi, Is there a way to set a default value in a custom field dropdown?


Hi @Brian_Jackson. Thanks for asking! At this time there isn’t a way to set a default value in a custom field dropdown. However, it’s very easy to set the same custom field for many tasks at once if that is your concern. I recommend multi selecting the tasks that need a default custom field and applying that custom field to all tasks at once:

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Thanks for the quick response. I was really trying to find a way of removing the blank space in the dropdown so that for each new task added, I wouldn’t have to select a choice that they all will start with.


Gotchya. There’s another workaround for this that you could try.

  • Create custom field(s).
  • Sort a project by custom field.
  • (You’ll see the results by custom field and value.)
  • Add a task to the appropriate custom field/value section.
  • ^^^When you add a task to a section for that custom field value, the custom field value will automatically be added. :slight_smile:

@Alexis Is there a way to to set up a unique id for tasks? Kind of like an incrementing numeric field or auto created.

I’m not quite sure what you mean. Are you referring to an ID in a custom field? Surely something you could try manually. I’d recommend starting by exploring the Guide for suggestions. Other members of the Community might have some ideas, too. What would you use the unique ID for?

I love “Dropdown” custom field.
But I’ve a new suggestion: may you add a MultiSelect field two?

Like you suggested on today training webminar, I’m creating a project for my team “Interesting Blogposts”.
I added a dropdown custom field, to set the argument of the article, but a multi-selection field maybe really more right for this rule.



I would like to see this one too!


I would love to see a Custom Field Multi-Select drop down option as well! This can help to categorize projects that may meet more than one criteria, e.g. new project ideas that can apply across more than one country or customer category for example.


I’d also like to echo the request to add a multi-select drop down. Has there been any thought to how to allow for an “other” selection that allows for free text?

I think you have suggested the best way to them

A couple of points…

Firstly, before @seyvan brought it back around, it seems this thread veered off-topic a bit - it went from “Can I set a default value in a custom field dropdown?” to “Can I have a multi-select dropdown?”

For that latter topic, while you still can’t have a multi-select dropdown, here is the appropriate thread to comment and vote on:

In terms of a default value for a dropdown, while you still can’t have a default value per se, you can now get somewhat close to that with Rules. If you’re on Asana Business, you can create a rule that when a task gets added to a project, it automatically gets assigned a certain value in a dropdown-list custom field.

(And if you’re only on Asana Premium, you can accomplish the exact same thing using the Rules feature of Flowsana.)