CSV Importer Now Available


Another flaw with Tags. I’ve applied a tag to a sub task within a project I’ve then reported on all tasks with that tag.

The sub task gets reported as being outside of the Project as a No Project. That does not show the true position a sub tasks is still part of the main project. In this case the Tag was ‘Key Milestone’ to mallow us to monitor these across the Programme. Showing it outside of it’s Project is misleading. Is this known and can this be corrected?


+1 on subtasks! This would be insanely usable for us with subtasks, but not usable for our needs without.


+1 on subtasks! It will be really efficient. I hope there will be an update for it.


+1 on subtasks! This would make the CSV import truly powerful.


The CSV concept is awesome and will save heaps of time. Did a test run using the csv template creatd by asana when it exports. Couple of things that came up.

  1. Doesn’t check for duplication, even if the csv I’m importing has the correct taskid (if using templates and you just want to add subtasks this is important)
  2. Doesn’t recognise the Parent Task field, so therefore can import a Task with series of subtasks which is great for content creation from brainstorming sessions
  3. Doesn’t import some of the standard FREE fields like Tags, Start Dates, Notes etc

This service is awesome to start something fresh but to add to things like maybe a content calendar where the tasks have a subtask list it is very limiting…


Hi everyone-There was an issue with time zones causing (for some users) the due date to appear in Asana as one full day later. This has now been fixed. Thanks for all your feedback, it really helped us pinpoint the issue! And just a friendly reminder that the CSV importer will import dates standard to American format-meaning dates are read always as month, day, year


I’m just testing this again - is it not possible to include start dates? Every time I assign a column to this, the upload fails.

If I only assign task name/assignee/due date it works fine.


I’ve used the CSV importer multiple times and have had no trouble importing a start date column.


Thanks Brian - really want this feature to work! Does your whole organisation have premium membership?

I’m wondering if this is an issue with premium membership for teams vs for organisations? I assume that if you don’t have premium membership you can’t add start dates (since these are a premium feature). Our core team of 5 have premium membership, but whole organisation including interns/volunteers doesn’t - wonder if the CSV upload only sees that the organisation is on free membership or something?


Same problem here:

I thought it might have something to do with premium subscriptions, but I tested it in a premium team and had the same problem with start dates. I wonder if it’s just a teething problem.


Hi @Thom_Ashworth and @Mark_Hudson we can look into this. Can you clarify if the upload fails completely, and if so what message you get. Or does the upload work but start dates don’t appear?

Also, I’m curious if you have tried to upload any columns to custom fields, and if so did the upload successfully or fail?


@Maimoona_Block, I’ve posted some screenshots here:

I can’t see how to add custom fields as part of the upload. When I select More Fields, I get this message:


I assumed that meant I could only add a custom field in the usual way, in the project drop-down. Should we be able to import those from CSV as well?


Hi @Mark_Hudson I saw the screens on start date and we are looking into it.

For now you have to create the custom fields in the project first before you can map your column. It is on our list of things to update so this is good confirmation feedback.



Thanks, Maimoona. I didn’t know that we could map in custom fields that way. I’ll give that a try. :+1:


Hello, when I click on the drop down, I only have 4 options, there is no option to add tasks via csv. I have the free version. Can you please help? thank you


Hi @Jean_Montminy the “add tasks via” option is available for projects. So you would need to use the dropdown for an existing project or create a new one :slight_smile:


Thank you for the quick response. I have found the option to import as csv; however, I keep getting the error message when I import the csv. - Unsupported Values. “21/5/18”, “22/10/19”, “18/4/18” are not valid choices for “Task Due Date”. Can you please help again?


Need to define a “Description” column that allows you to put exactly what you want in the description, and not just dump the whole row there.


+1 for subtasks, tags and descriptions to be included with the import via CSV. This would make this feature extremely efficient and I know many in my organization would upgrade to Premium, if this free feature was available.

Without these 3 fields, the import function altogether is quite limited. The ‘Asana Importer’ third-party Chrome app that is recommended within the Asana guide accomplishes these feature requests quite well. Unfortunately, the app limits other fields that the tool made by Asana includes. Having the best of both works would be unbelievable useful!


It is also important to note that the developer of the 3rd party Importer app is no longer maintaining this solution, per an email I received from them. Updates to Asana since the inception of this solution a couple years ago has caused the app to behave differently. For instance when you import a Due Date it also associated as Due Time by default that is relative to when you perform the import. Not necessarily preferred. I would LOVE to see Asana build on their model for allowing importation by CSV. They do it the right way - there is just more to be desired at this stage. I’m so anxious to hear how Asana might be able to make this feature more useful for its users. So much potential here!