CSV Encoding Standard

This is the simplest question really. I just want to know what encoding standard Asana uses to create their CSV’s. I’m trying to import the CSV’s into a database and I want to eliminate the possibility of using the wrong encoding setting before I start escaping characters. My assumption is that the files are utf-8, but I’d like to know for sure.

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Hey @Rick_Walters,
I am not completely sure but I also think utf-8 as another person mentioned it here in the forum as well: CSV importer stuck - #5 by Kaitlyn_Tagarelli

And here is more info: Export to .CSV - UTF8 Issue - #5 by Alexis

I hope this helps

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Thanks @Andrea_Mayer. I’m having anticipated issues importing data from the CSV’s. It won’t be a language issue for me, but almost certainly special characters that are messing up the works. I just wanted to make sure I’m using the right encoding setting because if I pick the wrong one, I’m just making more work for myself. :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah that makes sense. That would not be ideal at all!

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