Some special characters are not supported by CSV Importer

Hi. Kindly help me out for this.
I import CSV file with multiple tasks. The task, task description was typed by Vietnamese with special character. When upload to Asana, all the content change to default. How can i fix it?
Note: When i type the task direct in web, its still working? I only get error when upload by CSV file.


The original content as below: image

@Trang_Dang1 I’m curious if you the results differ after changing the character encoding as suggested within the Asana Guide.

Change the encoding

If you are using a different CSV encoding format or a different locale, you can click on the character encoding icon to change the encoding to UTF-8, Windows, Macintosh or Shift JIS.

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Thanks. I already change the encoding as suggestion but its still get default. I sent the file to email to you. Kindly check for that.

Trang Dang.

@Trang_Dang1 I am able to modify the CSV to include the Vietnamese characters but when importing they are replaced by question marks, as you have seen. I have changed this Topic to be a #bugs:report-a-bug and slightly modified the post name, hoping this is something that Asana might be able to address in the future.

cc: @Emily_Roman or @Marie are you aware of a workaround so that special characters are accepted by the CSV import?

Hi @Jerod_Hillard and thanks for your help here. I’m pretty our CSV importer doesn’t support special characters, but let me looks into this and check with our team!

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@Jerod_Hillard could you send me the CSV file by DM by any chance? Thanks!

@Jerod_Hillard could you send me the CSV file by DM by any chance? Thanks!

@Marie, :ballot_box_with_check: Task complete :wink:

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