Import of numeric data form CSV


Do you have any idea why Asana tells me during import of CSV into Asana that the value in this format example: 64944,53 or 64944,5 are invalid and therefore I cannot use number custom field?

Thank you in advance for any tips.


Hello @aleksandra.albera

The CSV Importer can be very particular at times. When it comes to the numeric data, it doesn’t seem to like when there are separator characters, e.g. commas. These are most commonly introduced with the “Accounting” format selected so I would try to avoid it.

Of the numeric formats available in Excel, I typically use “Number”. When saving your import file as a CSV it will change the format to “General”, but Asana will still recognize the numerical value and allow you to associate it with a numeric Custom Field. Here are the standard (non-custom) formats to choose from:

You’ll see in the screenshot below that I ran a test with all standard formats. Accounting was not accepted even though the raw data is the same. This was the case whether I included the currency symbol or not.

Personally, I would avoid “General” and “Text” as well when building my import file in excel. This will allow you to more easily ensure your data is input correctly prior to saving the configuration to CSV so it can be imported into Asana.

Once your data is in Asana you can choose to introduce the formatting you prefer, e.g. currency symbols, commas, decimals, etc.


Happy importing! :grin:


Thank you I will try “number” in excel, because I changed “currency” to “general” , maybe that is why :slight_smile:

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I have been experimenting with this import issue today, it turned out that solution was using dot not comma as a decimal separator. Nonetheless, I have also formated my excel cells to numer as @LEGGO recommended.

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