Excel Export / Commas get deleted

Hi all,

does anyone have an idea how to help with the following problem?
When exporting documents into excel sheet which contain numbers eg. 48,00 the excel import deletes the comma and 4800 is now written in the export. Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @Jonas_Fischer

As Asana doesn’t allow defining a different delimiter, I would suggest to work on your Excel settings.
Indeed, Excel’s interpretation of numbers often depends on the regional settings of the computer. In some countries, the comma is used as a decimal separator, while in others, the period is used.

Explicitly Define Data Type During Import:

  • If you’re importing data into Excel (e.g., from a CSV), you can specify the data type for each column.
  • When the import wizard shows up:
    1. Select the column with the numbers.
    2. Choose ‘Text’ as the data type. This ensures that Excel doesn’t try to interpret the numbers and retains them as they are.

Open the file in another spreadsheet viewer/editor (such as Google Sheet); it might do the trick

Hope that is helpful, if not, please let me know :wink:

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Hi @Arthur_BEGOU ,

thanks a lot. That worked! :slight_smile:

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