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Hi, is there anyway to stipulate the field type when importing a CSV? Seems such a basic thing but I cant find a way to do it.

For example I have a CSV with 1 custom filed and I want this to be a single line text. When importing it comes in as a dropdown.

What i’m having to do is import and then create a new filed type and copy contents over.

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Welcome, @Matthew_Barber,

I believe the recommended way to address this, which would be more efficient than your current approach, is to first add the desired custom field to your project, then start the import and map the imported column to this already-defined field.

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Hi, thanks yes I did try that at first but it just reverts filed types to text and not as per the template. Really doesn’t feel like Asana cuts the mustard and is perhaps more of a personal task management tool than enterprise tooling.

When importing, make sure to go to the “make changes” screen where you can manually fix the mapping.

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Many huge enterprises use Asana successfully. Just a few of them:

Asana’s primary target audience is enterprises, I believe:

It also works well as a personal task management tool


Hi, thanks yes I tried that but you cant override the field type i.e Dropdown , Text etc.
Also tried to create a template and lock that and then match columns and import but still doesn’t work.

Are you saying your columns can’t be matched up with a dropdown for example? or a text field?

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