Errors importing CSV with custom fields, due dates

I typically create a new project for each month using a CSV import. I use the same custom fields on every project that are saved in my library. Unfortunately, Asana doesn’t recognize custom fields on import. Even worse, it sometimes doesn’t recognize standard fields, like due date. Anything it doesn’t recognize it just drops into the Description field of the task. When this happens I have to wait for the import to finish, delete the project, and start over.

  • Can you add the option for mapping CSV fields to custom fields in the user’s library?
  • And secondly, can you stop it from putting the due date and other CSV fields in the description field?

Did you know you can click “Make changes” before importing to map columns properly? There you’ll have errors if you put your mouse over a disabled option. Let me know if you need more help!

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Yes, I always make changes to the CSV fields before importing it. But it doesn’t give me the option to map fields to custom fields that live in our library. For example, we have a saved field called “keyword” that we use across all of our projects. But when I create a project on import, the keyword field is only unique to that project – if I move a task to another existing project, now it has two keyword fields; the one from our library, and one from the CSV import.

What’s the type of the keyword field?

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