Custom Fields not showing up as a column, only in description of task after import

Can anyone tell me if I’m doing something wrong or if there is a workaround for this? I am trying to import a CSV file into several different Workspaces or Organizations. (They are our clients Asana accounts, some have workspaces and others have organizations.) You can see from the pictures when I am uploading the same csv file, one account allows for the 2 fields “Assignee and Due date” to provide the explanation of who the task should be assigned to and how to set the due date but the other project doesn’t- that info shows up in the description of the task. You can also see in the other picture how one project will allow me to change the column to it won’t allow me to change the column to a certain field while the other will not.

The only different between these 2 Asana accounts is one is a workspace (the one that allows for me to have the fields show up as columns) and the other is an organization. Both accounts are under the premium trial

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You can click the column’s dropdown in the picture on the right to change the field type. The button is not greyed out. That should do. See in blue below attached.


HI @Rosario_Messina, although there is a drop down arrow when you click on it it only allows you to select that column to show up in the task description. Same thing with the Due date column. You can see that there’s a noticeable difference with the Assignee column in both screen shots, there isn’t one with the due date column ** in this view right before the CSV is imported** but both columns are completely different once you’re in the project. Not having these columns load as fields in the projects makes me job TOUGH because I have to go inside every task to see how to set that task up. Why is there a difference here? How can I get all custom fields to import into the project correctly regardless is its an organization or workspace?

If the two accounts are both on Premium, I am not sure why this is happening Heater. The only other explanation I would have is the account that is not showing the Custom Fields is not on Premium, but from your description, this does not seem to be the case.

@pforumleader any ideas?

Hi @Heather_Yurko @Rosario_Messina
I think the explanation is this.
A workspace has no guest concept, so if the space is Premium then all users can create new custom fields.
In an organization, the members who have the Premium features and who have the right to create new columns are those who have an email address of the declared domain name.
So if your address is different, then you are not allowed to create columns.

I hope that helps.

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More details about what a guest can do in an org here: Working with guests in an organization • Asana Product Guide