I am facing problem in importing CSV template to new project

The below columns are not letting me choose the correct custom, while it worked for the other fields/ columns (Assignee, Collaborators, Due Date, Parent Task,Milestone)

  1. Start Date
  2. Dependent
  3. Priority
  4. Creation Status

Welcome to the Community Forum @May_Dabees!

Please see below some tips to organize the data in your spreadsheet:

  1. Start Date: add a separate column for start dates, an Asana Premium feature. If you are not on the premium version, the information in the start date column will appear in the description of your task
  2. Dependent: The dependent task should correspond to the dependent task names exactly. The dependent task should be located above the current row in the CSV file.
  3. Priority and Creation Status: I believe those are a custom fields. The columns with no matching names to specific Asana fields (like Name or Section, for example) will be mapped as Custom fields in the project.

If the issue persists after organizing the data in your CSV file please let me know.

Thanks @Emily_Roman for your reply

  1. Start date is in separate column and i am on Asana Premium. it is still not working.
  2. Dependent task is pasted as it is from the task name column. it is still not working
  3. Regarding Creation Status and Priority, what I got from your words is that the data inside the filed will be imported as text in the project. Right?