Load a list in Asana form dropdown from another application

Load a list in Asana form dropdown from another applciation

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You can import a CSV and have it turn a column into a single-select custom field, making all the rows’ values options in the custom field. To do that, see:

In a form, you can connect a single-select question to the above custom field which will both present the custom field’s options as choices, and upon form submission, place the selected one as the value of the custom field.



Larry, thank you for your response. I followed the instructions and could import a CSV, change the custom field to single select and it worked, but I was looking more to do the following, whether with the application UI or using the API:

We would like to create a form field with a single-select field type and load that field type automatically with values on a monthly basis, or using the API. We have many ways to export the 400 or so fields to CSV, JSON, XML, etc. Since these values change once and a while, we would like to automate this process of loading the drop down single select combo box behind the scenes.

Does this make sense? So doing this manual is not the preferred way, but if we had too, we would, but the ultimate solution we be to use the API to automate the process to keep the combo field updated.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you, -Steve

You can use the Asana API via a custom app to do what you need (or perhaps a connector tool like make.com).

Some parts of the API docs you’ll need:

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Hi @anon57050308 , not sure whether you mean actual fields or values here, but just note that there is a limit of 500 options (values) for single-select or multi-select custom field.

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Yes, I meant values to a single-select field.

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