Is it possible to bulk upload field fill-in options?

Currently we would like to add a single-select field that has ~200 different possible options. Is there a way to bulk upload these without typing it out one at a time? Appreciate the help.

Welcome, @Demetra,

Yes! Have a look at this:

and make sure you click the Make Changes button (rather than going directly to the import) and check the mappings column-by-column to ensure you both map columns to fields correctly and also get the correct field types.

In the case of the single-select, it will automatically add all cells as option values.


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I created a tool for this! It can even alpha sort the options: Custom Field Creator.

Hello team. So I tried the CSV Import to try and add the field to library so I can use. However error message comes up saying there are too many unique values.

You could check with because I thought the max was 500 and you indicated you only had around 200.



Ah I see that makes sense. It turned out to be 595, so it would be great if that can be expanded.

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