How can I import a list of single select options?

Hello. I need to create a Form with a drop-down single select list of options and there are hundreds for the list. How can import from a spreadsheet to populate the column options?


You can import a CSV into an Asana project and have it create a single-select custom field as it imports, then connect that custom field to a single-select form question to have the list appear in the form question’s drop down.

Note: There’s a limit of 500 option values.

Have a look at:

and continue to the “Making changes on how the data is mapped” section as well.

You may want to start with a test import with just a couple options into a test project first to perfect the one-time import there.



Hi @Janice_Weintraub -

Larry’s approach works great.

Just FYI - there’s also a free, easy to use tool from @Bastien_Siebman’s suite of Asana tools (iDo tools).
It’s called Custom Field Creator: iDO Tools - Improve Asana with our tools and automations


Thank you. I’m still not getting it right. I have a csv with one column with a header name (OrganizationName) that is the same as the column with a single select in my project. However, the import only seems to let me import the list into the Task Name column. How do I tell it to put the list in the OrganizationName column?

You should test with two columns because one must always be the task name.

Do not first create the custom field.

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I think I’m doing it correctly now, but seems that I can’t change the column to single-select because I have too many values in my list. Is there a limit?

From a prior post:

Thank you.

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