Calendar Dates import to asana via CSV

Probably I’m not the first one asking about this but the request is simple. I have a huge CSV file which contains calendar dates fields. NO when I try to import the data to asana there is no option available either to match to the correct field type or to get my data imported properly. It gets imported like a plane text which is totally useless as I need to make calculations based on the real due dates.
What is your suggestion here?
p.s. I checked community answers and tried to customize the data in my csv before importing and no success.

This is such a basic functionality I really hope you have a solution for this and I just need need to get the right guideline.



Are you using US date format? Are you separating start dates, if any, to a separate column and mapping to Start date (requires Premium)?

I recommend you test with a single data row first and attempt to achieve a successful import that way, because if any row has an incorrect format I think it will prevent import.

See more at:

If you still have a problem, perhaps email



This is exactly what I read while working on my project and my issue is still there. Ok I’ll try to contact support as well. Such a basic functionality and still doesn’t work properly.


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