CSV Export Bug linked to windows regional settings

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
A minor bug with an identified solution, but possibly worth reporting in case it impacts anyone else.
We’ve been happily using CSV exports in asana for a year with no issue. However, we just changed to a new install of windows, and the CSV formatting on exports stopped working as expected.
When we investigated it we found that Region settings in windows are impacting the output format of the CSV in browsers. This is fixed by changing region and country to (for example UK)

Steps to reproduce:
In windows region settings, set the country or region to Belgium
Set the Regional Format to French (Belgium)
Export a project / data set using the CSV function
Open the CSV in Notepad / Excel and you will see that the comma separation is not working
Changing region as specified earlier fixes this.

Browser version:
Not browser specific - tested on Edge, Chrome etc

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Alexander_Deeney, thanks for reaching out and taking the time to share this information with us!

I’m moving this thread to our tips and tricks category so other users can easily find your thread and solution if they experience the same issue.

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