UTF problem for .csv export - Excel VBA solution


We all know the problem with the UTF for international languages discussed previously for xample here: Export to .CSV - UTF8 Issue.

So here is an instrument that might help: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nwxte_5r0JxftS5nt0FuMOGuxmhhQHGW/view?usp=sharing

Download this .xlsm and put it in the same folder where are all the exported .csv file(s). Run the macro (the only one in the workbook). It will create new files (.xlsx) and delete the old .csv files.

By this the unrecognized symbols will be converted to UTF-8 and Chr(10) invisible character will also be removed.

The code is very simple and redundant but it works :slight_smile: Questions and comments are welcomed.


Thanks for the suggestion!