Copy Portfolios

Not being able to duplicate teams, portfolios or disable those annoying pop ups is what has stopped me upgrading to a paid plan. These things have been requested by so many people for so long. Come on Asana.

@Stephanie_Shaw2 If I’m honest, I think the idea (as worded here) is quite terrible, and far from the “simple fix”.

Copying a portfolio with projects in it will lead to a LOT of errors. This is because you’re copying live data, instead of pulling it from a template, which should be the single source of truth for your new projects.

I think @Justine_D 's suggestion makes sense though. Doing it right would translate into a portfolio template, which is quite a different request from straight up copying a portfolio with the projects in it.


Agreed, these have been requests from Asana users for years.

Just because people request it doesn’t make it a good idea.

Would be good to have Portfolio templates so we can keep the field columns the same. I’m currently going through over 100 portfolios to set up filed columns the same in each one…

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can’t believe this doesn’t exist :man_facepalming:
now have to add 25 fields manually each time I create an archive portfolio, every month, for 4 different archive portfolios.

As I mentioned, that is another request. This request is to straight up copy a portfolio with it’s content. What you’re talking about is a portfolio template.

@Pieter_Willems Why would you need an archive portfolio? And are you talking about fields (columns) or field values?