Completed sub-tasks showing up as incomplete when parent recurring task is set to complete

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I use Asana to record agenda, notes, and next steps from a recurring meeting - this is set up as a recurring milestone. The subtasks are the meeting dates and within the subtasks, there are additional subtasks that are the action items from the meeting. I mark these action items complete, but every time I mark the recurring milestone complete, the actions items become incomplete and show up in my overdue tasks.

Steps to reproduce: (1) Create a milestone and make it recurring on the same day each week. (2) Add a subtask - I use this as the date of the meeting. (3) Add subtasks to the date subtask, assign them to yourself, and mark them complete. (4) Mark the recurring milestone complete. (5) See if the subtasks you marked complete show back up in your incomplete tasks

Browser version: Chrome (but I am using the desktop app)

Upload screenshots below:

I believe this is expected behaviour: a recurring task with subtasks, when completed, will be RE-CREATED (this is a different task) with a new set of INCOMPLETE subtasks. Is this what you are reporting on?

Hi @Katelyn_Hamrick, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! As Bastien mentioned, this is currently working as expected. When a recurring task is marked complete, it will duplicate all the information into a new task. If the recurring task includes subtasks with due dates, these subtasks will be also duplicated but the due date won’t be rescheduled. For this reason, when you mark the recurring task complete, you notice new subtasks assigned with due dates overdue.

We have an exisiting thread on this topic, you can upvote here: Subtask Inherit due date from parent task

As a workaround, you can consider using a template task instead of a recurring task, you. can find mre details here: Task Templates • Asana Product Guide. With a task template, you can recreate each task for your upcoming meeting, schedule all task and subtasks due dates automatiically with just one click!

I hope this helps!

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