Checklist in task cards

We also need checklists, please add this Asana team.

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Considering this was first asked in 2018, and it’s now 2021… I have a feeling they are not going to add this and have no plans to add it. I was really hoping I could drop Trello because Atlassian is doing a terrible job dealing with universal accounts between their sites. A checklist is a huge feature to be missing from Asana, and sadly making it a poor alternative. *sigh

Yeah 2018 - 2021 with no movement means you wont get it. That’s a shame since Asana is superior to Trello in a LOT of ways and offers many more features. Trello is prettier, has checklists, and allows you to assign a card to multiple users. Those last two are a big deal for me.

I also back this up. ClickUp is a much more complete tool than Asana! I’m stuck with Asana because of all my team structure but can we expect checklists soon?