Check List Feature

When scheduling work activities-task Asana is limited to sub-tasks. The competing App – Click-Up has a feature that is incredibly handy, quick, and convenient – CHECK LIST. It is a component of a Task and it allows a user to create a quick check list of items to be addressed – typically quick activities that are essential to advancing the task but does not need the full-blown structure of a sub-task.
And, the good thing about the check list is that an individual items can be assigned to someone with a click.

Asana is the leader in the market but others are doing all they can to topple their position. It would be helpful to loyal clients and users if they would be more attentive to the UX in the vast list of requests that seem to be ignored from one year to the next.

Just my frustrated opinion…

Hi @George_Considine,

I was sure there was an existing Product Feedback thread with this request that you could add your vote to, but I’m unable to find it…

I moved your post to Product Feedback (Developers & API is for third-party developers using and discussing the Asana API).