Checklist-Item in Texteditor

Checklist-Items in the texteditor would reduce list of unrelevant Tasks.

:white_medium_square:︎ This
:white_medium_square:︎ That
:white_medium_square:︎ and this

Tasks as a checklist increase the number of tasks and decrease the overview in your own tasks.


Thank you for your feedback, @Jürgens. :+1: Wouldn’t adding subtasks to a task function as an effective working checklist for a task? Myself and many Asana users I often use subtasks in this way and it’s very functional, including the ability to complete subtasks with CTRL+Enter. This also keeps actionable and assignable tasks in one place within each task, rather than adding additional lists of tasks to the Description and/or Comments areas, which might get muddy and overwhelming for the users.

I very much agree with you @Jürgens! Creating a subtask for every minor detail I don’t want to forget is sometimes very time consuming. Creating bullet points is an option, but not quit enough. A checklist will do the trick.