Checkboxes in description


Is it possible to add checkboxes in description field of tasks?


so far it is not, but you can use a bullet point list or numbered list and use strike through text, which would have a similar meaning.

Click on help and then on keyboard shortcuts to see how


@Sebastian_Paasch Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think you can do strikethrough text? The lists, yes, but I’ve not been able to do strikethrough.

@JVSprints what I do if there’s a checklist, I use subtasks. So if it’s a checklist of a list of people/etc. to include in XYZ, the task owner uses the subtasks list to check things off as they’re done - we don’t usually assign them in this case.



Yes you are right, strikethrough text is not yet possible in Asana, it was another app here I had in mind, but people could use underline text, or monospace text to indicate something similar.

I also use your subtask approach very often :slight_smile:



I have noticed that if I input the text for emojis, they do appear in descriptions & comments. Such as:

Typing : white_check_mark : (without the spaces before & after the colons) will input the emoji: :white_check_mark:

There’s a whole bunch of them out there, there just needs to be a guide. 1

I can also copy & paste the emojis from here into my Asana.

Of course, this is just an emoji checkbox. To your original question, @JVSprints, are you seeking a visual checkbox or a functional one that people can actually click?