Add possiblity to "strike through" text (rich text)



It would be nice if you provide a possibility to strike through text parts in description of a task.
Would it make easier to mark parts of description as completed.

Rich text - Include all text formats from Word

Yes! So useful! Sometimes I make myself simple checklist that would be too dense and long as subtask. I’d really love that feature!


I would LOVE strikethrough on the editor. This would make it so much easier to identify where we are in the list of items in a Task description.


This comes up for me all the time in my spikes/research tasks. I want to keep what my previous thinking or wording was and cross out past lines of thinking. It’s not really task related for me, as creating subtasks would just be too cumbersome and I don’t want it to disappear or play with view settings to find things out. I want to see it.

A common use case for me is keeping track of where my thoughts have been and anything that didn’t lead to progress I can strike out. If I get interrupted in my working of a task, when I get back to it I can reacquaint myself with what I’ve already thought of and not waste time thinking about it again (or give me a better memory?).


Everyday! Please, this would be a super useful tool when collaborating or showing others what had been previously. When content writing nearly nothing stays the same after reviews. I use DropBox Paper, however not one person in my team clicks through to the link to see the paper or wants to log into another online app. So many of my team are kinda against web apps and using more programs.


Yes I would really love this as well. It’s very helpful in task descriptions, when you want to preserve the history and context but show that something is no longer needed as part of the task.


Fun fact 1. If you remove a piece of text from the description, it turns up at the bottom as a diff (strikethrough).
Fun fact 2. If you copy-paste strikethrough text into the description editor, it stays strikethrough.

This is a workaround for typing strikethrough text :slight_smile:


@Hendrik_Hoekstra, Thanks for Fun Fact 2–interesting find. I wonder if it is officially supported by Asana or that struckthrough text may be unceremoniously unstruckedthrough (new word alert) at some future date?


Yes. Yes, yes…I was just assigned a 40 part task that I know I won’t get through today…and i’m not spending the time to break it out into subtasks. Please add this.


Hi Team!

We wanted to know if you can add the “strikethrough” tab when writing?

A good way to visually see an update that has been cancelled at first glance instead of having to find it on the comments assigned to the task.

Thank you!



asana please add this feature! creating a list of over 20 “things” and it doesn’t make sense to open a subtask for each. it would be helpful to see that the specific items were researched already and I can strike though it so another team member doesn’t need to re-look at it.


This would truly be a great addition. This is one of two things I greatly miss as I left OneNote behind…

  1. the ability to highlight something and Ctrl-dash ("-") to format strikethrough and
  2. Ctrl-1 once adds a checkbox and Ctrl-1 a second time changes it to a checked checkbox (and a third time clears/undoes the checkbox).


Hi all, I’m happy to announce that strikethrough is now available in Asana :tada:More info in Strike through is now available in Asana!